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Best Portable Smokeless Fire Pit

I hate it when a fire pit smokes a lot. It feels like a failure on my part. Either because I made a back choice in a fire pit or I’m not taking proper care to keep my firewood dry.

You want everyone to be having a good time, and a lot of smoke is going to keep that from happening.

If you are a regular fire pit user, you’ve no doubt experienced a smoky fire now and then. 

Time spent playing “musical chairs” as the wind shifts could be better used focusing on deepening connections with friends and family while basking in the warm glow of a fire pit that doesn’t blow smoke in your face.

What I’m getting at is, a portable smokeless fire pit could mean all the difference between these two scenarios at a pretty good price.

Which Portable Smokeless Fire Pit Should I Get for My Backyard?

I’ve owned and been around fire pits for a while and my favorite one so far, by a huge margin, is the Breeo Double Flame fire pit, the 19” model in particular (the larger model is great too I just don’t own it…currently).

These fire pits are built like a tank, and as a result do have some weight to them, but they are definitely portableThe two sizes available, 19” and 24,” weigh in at 48 and 57 lbs. respectively.

I’ve got a complete review on the Breeo Double Flame (see pics of both sizes below), which included my “must-have” fire pit features when shopping, and how it was able to fit the bill for me in spades.

You can check out my write-up on the Breeo Double Flame here to find out why it’s arguably the best portable fire pit for homeowners on the market, that’s smokeless to boot.

What’s a Smokeless Fire Pit?

For the uninitiated, a smokeless fire pit is a wood-burning fire pit with a special airflow system that causes a secondary burn just below the upper rim of the fire pit.

It’s an old technology getting a new life in the retail fire pit space.

Long story short, once the fire pit is lit and the fire is pulling in oxygen from all sides, air entering openings in the bottom of the fire pit is channeled through a special double wall system, separate internal and external walls that form the bulk of the fire pit’s construction.

While traveling through the double wall system, the air is quickly heated right before it exits through small holes just below the inside rim at the top of the fire pit.

Once this air exits into the fire pit, any residual smoke that was about to leave the fire pit is subjected to a second round of burning fueled by this air. This is what makes the difference with a smokeless fire pit.

Just a note though, smokeless does not mean smoke-free. Some smoke will almost always be present anytime you burn wood, it’s how much that determines a good fire and a bad one.

Once a smokeless fire pit is up and going and the fire is nice and hot, smoke from firewood that is not entirely well-seasoned will typically burn off quickly and be gone.

These fire pits are much more forgiving in that sense with regard to firewood that is not entirely dry than your typical open fire pit bowl.

Image of Breeo Double Flame fire pit, our choice as the best portable smokeless fire pit
The Breeo Double Flame in 19″ and 24″ diameters

What’s the Best Portable Smokeless Fire Pit if I Want Something Lighter?

If you are looking for a fire pit that’s a little lighter and easier to handle when moving or transporting it, the Solo Stove Ranger or Bonfire might be a better bet for you than the Breeo Double Flame.  

The Ranger (15”) and the Bonfire (19.5”) are much lighter (weighing in at 15 and 20 lbs. each) as the steel used to make them is thinner. 

Both perform very well from a heat and smoke perspective but may require a little more “finesse” when moving them around to prevent damage.

Here’s that link again to my review on the Breeo Double Flame if you think that option still might be better suited to your needs.

Good luck in your search for your best portable smokeless fire pit and thanks for reading! 


Image of a backyard fire pit